Julie’s Preppy Pages- June Reads

Hey y’all! Happy July!! Today I wanted to start a fun series here on the blog! Since it’s summer, I have a lot more time on my hands to do things I enjoy! And one of those things is reading! I thought I’d start a monthly round up of the books I’ve read and share them with y’all! I’d also love to hear what you’ve been reading and if you would recommend it! I love getting recommendations! My goal is for us to a have a little book club each month where we can share books that we have loved, or that have inspired us! Let’s dive in!

Side note: I love love love to listen to audio books!! I listen to them while I drive, take my dog for walks, and get ready! The Hoopla app (I have access to it though my local library!) lets me listen to five audiobooks a month. For some books I alternated between the physical book and the audio book and for some I just listened to the audio!

1) Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

I’m sure most of y’all have heard of this book. I actually asked for it for Christmas, but with the business that is college, I just got around to reading it this month… oops! But it was worth the wait! This book is super inspiring, and I feel like it meets us whenever we are in our journey of life. Without giving too much away, this book is about Rachel’s life and how’s she’s come to achieve her goals, put her self care at the top of her priority list, and take control of her life. With fun stories sprinkled throughout, this was a fun read with lots of practical information about how you are in control of your life and choices. I would give this a 4/5 stars and highly recommend it!

2) Cultivate: A Grace-Filled Guide to Growing an Intentional Life by Lara Casey

This was actually a recommendation off Good Reads (an app where I keep track of books I’ve read, and ones I want to read) after I logged Girl Wash Your Face. Now this book may not be for everyone, but I love a good Christian self help book. I’m always looking for ways to love and be kinder to people while also growing my faith. This book was in a similar style to Girl Wash Your Face as Lara spoke directly about her life and changes she has made to be more intentional and accept the graces she’s been given. I also really liked this book! It was upbeat and inspiration, while also having some somber moments where she talked about how her faith has really saved her. I would give this a 4/5 stars and highly recommend this!

3) Staying Stylish: Cultivating a Confident Look, Style, and Attitude by Candace Cameron Bure

I have wanted to read this for awhile because a) I watched full house religiously as a child, and b) I love fashion! This is a quick read full of Candace’s best fashion advice that she has accumulated over the years. I thought there were lots of great tips! The end was about spiritual and physics heath with I loved because it took a little emphasis off outer beauty and put a little on inner beauty which she explained great! I do wish the book went a little deeper but overall I thought it was a cute fun read for anyone into fashion! I give it 3.5/5 starts and would recommend it to anyone who loves fashion or Candace!

Sneak peak to some titles for next month! I just started Girl Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis and I’m about halfway through Rescue by Nicholas Sparks and loving it! Drop any books in the comments that you’ve loved and that I should read this month! Thanks for joining me!

Until Next Time

Julie Cullen

Pinky and the Prep

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