Makeup Storage- Easy and Affordable Organization!

Hey Ya’ll! Welcome back! Long time no see! I apologize for not being active on the blog, but handling college, a job, and blogging can be a lot to handle during the academic year.  With that being said, I’m super excited to jump into it more this summer!!  I wanted to first start with talking about my makeup storage a little bit.  I love organization, like organizing a drawer is totally a fun pass time for me (I know, lame haha) so I have totally enjoyed finding the perfect makeup storage.  I also love makeup.  Makeup is a love of mine just like fashion, and I’ve found that a lot of my Instagram followers love it too! When I talk about my favorite products on my Insta stories, ya’ll always love chatting with me in my messages about your favorite products too! So I thought what better way to kick off my summer blog posts that a look into my makeup and how I store it!

First and foremost… I have quite a bit of makeup.  It’s a fun hobby of mine, but I do realize I have a bit more than the average person, so bear with  me lol!  Let’s talk overall set up!

First, starting on the left I have the newest addition to my collection.  Unfortunately,  I bought this at TJMaxx, so I can’t link it, but they always have great makeup storage there so I would definitely check them out!!  This one was under $30 which is a steal for clear storage!!  In the middle is actually three separate sets from Targets dollar spot that I bought last summer (I would suggest checking there during back to school time for storage items).  They were sets of 2 for $3 and stack perfectly on top each other!  The buckets on top were also from Target Dollar Spot and were only $1 each!  Moving to the right, I have two paper organizers and I use them for pallets! This is an old trick I got from the good old days on YouTube from makeup bloggers!  Works like a charm!  And lastly, my trusty make up mirror is old old old.  But I know Target, Walmart, and Amazon have a ton to look at!overall view

My first piece hold a majority of my makeup.  All foundations, concealers, setting powders, primers, settings sprays, eyeliners and mascaras live up here.

overall front viewoverall top viewoverall top close view

My first drawer is a little bit of a mix but holds a ton!  I basically have mid sized eye shadow pallets and some over flow blushes.

eye shadow drawer

The second drawers holds the rest of my blushes as well as highlighters and bronzers.

blush drawer

Last is my very favorite drawer!! This is the home of all my liquid lipsticks and lip glosses.  Basically any lip product that is too long to go in my other drawers lol!

lip gloss drawer


In the next section I keep everything small! small tower full viewsmall tower front view

The next three drawers are all lipstick.  The only organization I try to keep here is to keep all the brands together.  Maybe one day I’ll organize by color, but I just couldn’t decide!

lipstick drawer 2lip stick drawer 3lip stick drawer 1

The next drawer is all my single eye shadows and my beloved dip brow!

small eye shadow


Next up is potted lip balms, lip scrubs and rose bud salve that I use daily! So good!lip balm drawer


And last but not least is all my revolution concealers (they fit too perfect not to put in this drawers) and my lip balms!concelor drawer

As far as pallets, there really isn’t a rhyme or reason to why they are where they are! I just tried to store them where they fit and where I could see all of them.  I am very much an “out of sight out of mind” kind of person, so if I can’t see them, I likely wont use them!

pallette 1pallete 2


And that’s all there is to it! Drop some of your must have products in the comments below because we all know I love trying new makeup!!


Until Next Time




Pinky and the Prep

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