Introducing #AWinkofPink19

Hey ya’ll! Welcome back to the blog! I’m super excited about today’s blog post!  January is also such an odd month for myself as far as fashion.  I feel like we can all relate to the struggles of shopping in January.  Do we buy spring clothes?  Or do we continue to buy sweaters in preparation for the cold months ahead.  For me, January and February are cold months for sure, but months I want to throw color back into my wardrobe.   It’s easy to get into the January rut, so I decided to try something new on the blog… A Wink of Pink (get it, a wi(ee)k of pink so punny).

Pink is undeniably my favorite color.  I feel like any one could guess due to my username Pinky and the Prep.  So instead of spending January and February in boring sweaters that describe how I feel about these months (so much shade haha) I decided to end January and Begin February the best way I know how… In PINK!  I would love to see ya’ll follow along with me and add some color into your wardrobes! If you post any pictures on Instagram of you adding some color to your wardrobe, use the hashtag #Awinkofpink19  I’ll be sharing my favorite outfits on my instastory!

All week I will be sharing a new pink inspired outfit to help you add some color back to your wardrobe! It doesn’t necessarily have to be pink! Lavender, mind, yellow, coral, red, there are so many to choose from! Use this week to add life back into your wardrobe and start February the right way!

Thanks for joining me today!

Until Next Time


Pinky and the Prep

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