Desk Tour and Organization

Hey ya’ll! Today I’ll be sharing my work space, and organization.  This space is where I create blog posts, have quiet time, plan, and complete assignments for my online class.  When organizing my space I wanted it to be both functional and cute, and that’s not always the easier plan. It’s all about compromise! desk 1desk 2desk 3

First things first, my desk.  Were you thinking it was going to be pink? 😉  Well, I was gifted this desk by my grandfather when I turned 13.  My sister got the exact one when she was 13 as well, it was our little tradition.  Naturally, this desk holds a special place in my heart since my grandfather isn’t with us anymore. Both my sister and I’s desks (for now) are located in our piano room in our house.  With that being said, I had to keep the decor on top my desk modest and classic, to match the decor in our piano room.  Since graduating, I have placed more sentimental graduation items on top my desk.  I have my baton from my years as a drum major in the marching band, graduation pictures and announcements, my acceptance letter to the University of Kansas and a picture of my sister and I from high school.

desk 4desk 5desk 6desk 7desk 8desk 9desk 10

I love the fact that this is a roll top desk.  I can roll it down and hide all my (hopefully organized) ciaos. On the main part of the desk, you can usually find my laptop in the middle (all my laptop stickers are from Red Bubble FYI).  Next to that I keep my bible, journal, and current book.  Right now I am reading “Anxious for nothing,” by Max Lucado.  This was recommended by a sweet friend in my bible study back in Kansas.  So far I’ve been really enjoying it!  The last stack of things is a clip board, ruler, my planner, and my blogging notebook.  These are things I reach for often so it’s nice to have them in reach.  There are two drawers on each side of the desk.   In these I keep erasers, scotch and washi tape, and binder clips.  I also love how this desk has 5 slots for me to store things.  It helps me see everything I have so I can find exactly what I’m looking for.  From left to right I keep,  markers and regular sharpies for my planner and journals, then pencils, colored pencils, thin markers, thin pens, and highlighters for my planner, journals, and bible.  Next  I have a large notepad, my calculator, a stapler and a mini pair of scissors. In the next compartment I keep note cards, and more journals.  Finally in the last compartment I keep thank you card, and some extra birthday and thinking of you cards in case I forget to grab some for someones birthday. Lastly in the drawer I keep an obsessive amount of sticky notes…. Target dollar spot just gets me!!! But, I’m proud to say that I haven’t bought any sticky notes of any kind since Christmas! I’ve cut myself off.  I also keep all my stickers in there.  While I have a mound of stickers, this isn’t too bad of a problem (yeah right Julie).  Most are given to me in packages or from old Lilly Planners or promo mail. I also have some monograms and stickers letters that I use for gifts and crafts for my little in my sorority.

While I would love a crystal clean desk, its not functional for me.  Having all my agendas, notebooks, and pens out in the open helps for a super functional desk.  I sit down and get right to it, because its all right in front of me! And when I’m done I just roll the top down. Thanks for joining me today to take a peak at my desk!

Until Next Time


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