Weekend Getaway: KC

Hey ya’ll! Today I’ll be giving you a peek in my weekend getaway to Kansas City. As some of you may know, I go to school at the University of Kansas. KU is only 45 minutes from KC. But I never seem to have time to spend time in Kansas City. My best friend of five plus years and I only has a few days off work that we decided to meet each other in the middle. The middle just happened to be Kansas City.

We decided to stay in a cute little Air B&B just outside The Country Club Plaza in downtown Kansas City.

kc 1kc 2kc 3

I had never stayed in an Air B&B before and I was pleasantly surprised.  This one was spacious, private, in the heart of the city, and super affordable! It had a cute with kitchenette as well.  We decided to hit up Trader Joe’s and grabbed some supplies for brunch.  The next morning we (attempted) to make a five star breakfast and had a blast while doing it! kc 4

Shopping was a must during this trip, so we hit up the Plaza.kc 5

After shopping ourselves out we grabbed some coffee at a local coffee shop and headed back to the Air B&B for a movie night.

The next day we decided to go to Loose Park to see the famous rose garden.  Let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint! Naturally, we had to have a full blown photo shoot.kc 9kc 8kc 13kc 12kc 11kc 10kc 6kc 7kc 14kc 17

Next we decided we wanted to go to some of Kansas City’s most famous murals.  To our luck we found out that the “Kansas City I’m so in love” mural had been taken down (cries). But we ended up finding an Ivy wall that was more than photogenic. kc 18kc 20

And because I’m a raging Cardinals fan I had to take a picture in front of the Royals mural with my Cardinals shirt.

kc 19

Finally before I headed out, we decided to stop at mission taco for a snack before the train ride home.

kc 16

It was a beautiful weekend in Kansas City! Full of good friends, great memories, and yummy restaurants.  Thanks for following along on my journey!

Until Next Time,


Pinky and the Prep

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