Smiling for Smile Brilliant! Best at Home Whitening System!


“Hey Ya’ll!

Today I’m sharing a super exciting product with you all! This is something that I have been using for weeks, and have absolutely fell in love with.  It’s one of those products that I didn’t know I needed until I had it!  I will definitely be repurchasing this item for years to come! This magic product a whitening system from Smile Brilliant.

smile brilliant 4smile brilliant 1


Now a little back story about my smile. 🙂

When I was in middle school I had a mouth full of metal just like everyone else my age.  Braces were just something I had to go through.  While braces aren’t fun to have, they sure are worth it! My teeth were so dang straight when they came off! It was honestly shocking how straight that metal made my teeth.  I had the perfect smile!…. or so I thought.

Yes my teeth were straight, and everyone complimented me on it.  But I was never confident with my smile because my teeth weren’t white.  I had a beautiful mouth of straight teeth, with a yellow tint.  Cute.

If you follow my Instagram, you know I love my coffee.  Coffee coffee coffee.  Especially being a full time college student who also has a part time job, coffee is my life line.  I could never give it up, but I couldn’t help to think that my coffee habit was discoloring my teeth.

I was committed to find a product to whiten my teeth.  You name it, I tried it.  Crest white strips, whitening toothpaste and mouthwash, and even using charcoal powder on my teeth to remove stains.  Some products made a small difference, but nothing made my teeth the bright white I so badly wanted.

Then I tried Smile Brilliant

Smile Brilliant completely changed the game for me. And I’m not just saying that… it really did! Smile Brilliant is the ONLY whitening system that I have ever used where I feel like my teeth have actually become whiter and stayed whiter.  It was easy, and effective!  All you have to do is where your custom fit trays every day.  Usual I wore mine at night while watching the bachelor or catching up on some school work.  Day by day, my teeth began to change.  And now I’m a believer.  Smile Brilliant has truly given me the smile I have always so desperately wanted!”

smile brilliant beforeafter photo

I’m also super excited to be hosting a giveaway with Smile Brilliant! You can enter here!  You can also use the code pinkyandtheprep15 for $15 off your trays!


Thanks for joining me today! And don’t forget to enter my giveaway!!


Until Next Time


Pinky and the Prep


How to Whiten Your Teeth

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