What’s In My Bag!

Hey ya’ll! Recently on Instagram I shared a picture of myself at the mall with a Michael Kors shopping bag.  I got several messages asking to share what I had purchased! After carrying the bag for a few days, I though I would share what I’ve been carrying in it!

First and for most, let’s talk about the bag!

whats in my purse 4

Originally I went in the Michael Kors store looking for a wallet.  I wanted a big wallet that I could carry everything in. Once I found the wallet, I looked up and saw this bag.  Not only was it on sale, but it was also an additional 25% off.  I tried it on and loved the shape! Its not huge, so I can fill it easily without it becoming too heavy. It also has a great adjustable cross body strap. For myself, as a taller gal, sometimes these cross body straps don’t hang in the right spot for my tall frame.  This one was long enough to fit comfortably cross body style, on just my shoulder, or on the crook of my arm.  It also has great compartments and separators.  Some of my bags are like giant bottomless pits where everything gets lost.  This bag has three large sections (one with a zipper) and smaller pockets within each of those sections.  And the last thing I love about this bag is the color.  Pink! Pink bags just spark something within me.  They are fun, and add a pop of color to any outfit.

Now lets get into what I can fit in this bag!

whats in my purse 3

First and foremost, we have my wallet.  Like I said earlier, I was on the hunt for a big wallet that I could fit everything  I needed in it.  This wallet took the cake.  It has lots of card slots, a zippered change pouch, and places for myself to but money, receipts, checks, and other important papers without folding them. It also has a wristlet strap that can be attacked.  This is great when I’m running errands without my purse.  I can easily attach my keys right to the wristlet.

whats in my purse 2

Next up is my makeup bag.  This one is by Vera Bradley.  I love this bag because it is the perfect size. It also has a plastic lining so it is easy to keep clean. Inside my makeup I keep a few nude lippies.  These are the NYX Lingerie  lipsticks that I have been loving.  They are matte and super long lasting! I also keep a translucent powder with me in case I need some touch ups. I also throw in some of those perfume samples you get at the mall. They are nice and small and perfect when you need a little perfume! I also keep the expected items like hand sanitizer, band aids, etc in my makeup bag.

whats in my purse 1

Next is my planner.  If you’ve read my June Favorites, you know I’ve been loving this planner.  I carry it everywhere with me. I am also working on a post telling all about how I organize it.  Be on the look out for that!

whats in my purse 5

Finally I have a few miscellaneous items in my bag.  My sunglasses are from Nordstrom and are my current favorites! I also carry my headphones, because if I move them out of my bag there is a 100% chance I will forget them when I go to the gym! I also keep some feet stickers that I got off amazon.  They are just foam pads that stick to your feet to prevent the bottom of your feet from getting color when you get a spray tan.  I always keep a few of these in my purse in the summer so I never end up at the salon without them.  Lastly I have my keys!

whats in my purse 6

And that’s it!

Thank you all for joining me today!

Until Next Time


Pinky and the Prep


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