June Favorites!

Hey ya’ll! I honestly can not believe June is over?! It flew by! I hope July slows down because I am not ready for summer to be over just yet.  But since June is over, it’s time for a June favorites post. During summer time I have much more time to try new products and do a little extra shopping, which means I really have some well tested favorites!

  • Plum Paper Me Planner
    • I love love love this planner! After the semester ended I decided that even though the Lilly Pulitzer planner is super cute it isn’t super practical for my needs now as a working college student.  After some research and recommendations from friends I decided to go with the Me planner by Plum Paper. It’s super customizable so I was able to customize it to meet my needs exactly! I have been loving it so far! I’m excited to see how it does when I head back to classes this August.
    • planner 2planner 1
  • White Jeans
    • All my life I have never worn white jeans.  They are hard to pull off.  Some girls look absolutely gorgeous but I could never get up the courage to wear them. I finally bought a pair and I love them! I’m over being self conscious in my white jeans! I love that they add a summery look to any outfit and match virtually anything!white jeans
  • Spray Tans
    • This is usually one of my favorites for the summer.  I love going to get spray tans weekly.  It helps me keep my summer glow without the harmful rays of the sun.  I wish I could get a summer glow naturally, but usually my skin only burns.  If you want to hear more about my tanning routine you can read my post here.sunless tanning 1
  • Up Dos
    • I work in retail, and during the summer while running around the store it is hot! I also like my hair long, and that means it is hot in the summer. I try to limit the heat I use on my hair during the summer.  Yes, I love to curl my hair as much as the next girl, but for everyday is just not practical for my hair. I’ve started venturing onto YouTube to try out some new up do hair styles.  These have not only kept me cooler during the summer, but helped me drastically cut down on using heat on my hair. img_4775nye blog 10
  • Soap and Glory Skincare
    • For the longest time I have been using a gentle Cetaphil face wash for normal to oily skin.  When I needed to exfoliate I would simply use the same was on my Clarisonic. My sister recommended Soap and Glory skincare to me so I decided to give it a try.  I bought the Soap and Glory Face Soap & Clarity Facial Wash, and the Scrub Your Nose In It Two Minute T Zone Detox Scrub. I have been loving both! The Face Soap & Clarity Facial Wash, which I use as an everyday cleanser is great! It gets all my make up off at the end of the day, and leaves my fave feeling clean, refreshed, but not overly stripped.  I have combination skin, so finding a product that doesn’t dry my skin out but still prevents oiliness is a rarity.  This is my holy grail wash! As for the scrub, I also love it. It isn’t too abrasive, so I feel like I can use it everyday.  Usually I use the scrub every other day at night. This scrub leaves my face squeaky clean and refreshed! Whenever I have a breakout or feel that my skin is looking dull, I break out this scrub and it does the trick! I will definitely be trying some more Soap and Glory skin care products in the future.
    • planner 3
  • Country Music
    • If you know me, you know I’ve always secretly loved contry music.  Yes, I love all music and can pretty much listen to anything, but this summer I have been loving country.  Whenever I get in the car I turn on my country! I thought I would share a couple up my current favorites. country 1country 2country 3

Thank you all for joining me today! I hope you all have a fantastic start to your July and 4th of July weekend!!

Until Next Time


Pinky and the Prep

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