Summer Must Haves

Hey ya’ll! The semester is finally over and I am officially on summer break! Seeing all the summer ads has been making me so excited for summer! I decided to come up with a wish list of items I will be keeping my eye out for this summer!

Swan Float

swan floar

I am someone who is a frequent pool goer during the summer.  Even though I am the worst tanner in the world, laying on a float in the pool while country music is playing is my idea of a good summer day.  I have seen these floats everywhere on Insta, and I really want to get my hands on one. They are just too cute!!

The Perfect Pair of White Jeans

white jeans

I have always stayed away from white jeans, A) because they are too easy to get dirty, and B) because they are not the most flattering color for my figure.  This summer I am on a mission for the perfect pair of white jeans. White jeans are such a staple summer item, and I’m ready to put my fear aside and buy a pair. So if ya’ll have any recommendations, I would love to hear them!



For a while I didn’t think I was the Chaco type.  I was highly devoted to my Sanuk Yoga Mat Sandals (I still am).  But after seeing how much I walk around campus, and how hot it is in Kansas during the beginning of first semester and the end of second semester, I think Chacos would be a great investment. After numerous recommendations from friends and family, I am ready to jump onto the band wagon and purchase a pair.

The Perfect BB/CC Cream


This is something I look for every year.  I want something that is full coverage enough to wear to work and out, but is also light and doesn’t melt off my skin.  I know, I’m asking for a lot from this product. I have found some good ones on this journey, like the Tarte BB cream, but unfortunately their lightest shades is a bit too dark for my non self tanned skin. Last year at this time, I was dealing with very oily skin and would try any product that combated that.  This year my skin has gone through a change, and now I am very much combination.  I want to find a BB or CC cream that prevents oil, while not completely matteifying and drying out my skin. As always, I would love suggestions!

The Best Self Tanner

self tanner

The perfect self tanner is a must have for every summer.  Naturally, I do not tan super dark.  But like most people, I want that bronzed summer glow.  Usually, I get spray tans while trying to add some natural tan to it.  This is not the cheapest of options.  I’ve recently been trying out the Ulta Mouse self tanner and really been liking it! Although it is not the most intense tan and has to be layered to get a deep color. I’m excited to try out more self tanners this summer to try and hopefully find the perfect one!


Thanks for stopping by to see what I will be on the hunt for this summer! Maybe one of these items will appear in a monthly favorites soon! If you have any recommendations for any of these products I would love to hear them.  Have a fantastic start to your summer!


Until Next Time


Pinky and the Prep

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