What’s In My Purse!

I  saw this tag going around recently on  Instagram and I thought it was too cute to pass up! I recently shared what was in my purse on instagram, but I figured I would swing on over to my blog and give you guys a closer look!

First lets talk about my bag… Or should I say my baby!? I love this bag! I had been Looking at this bag for a long time, slowly saving up babysitting money. One day, out of pure luck I found it at Nordstrom Rack! I knew I had to snatch it before it was gone!

This bag also has a shoulder strap. Sometimes I tuck it inside if I just want to carry it on the crook of my arm and other times I’ll just swing it over my shoulder. It is so versatile!

It has a different texture than all of the other  bags I own. I want to say it’s kind of like snake skin… I could be wrong! But whatever it is, I was so drawn to it! It is the perfect statment piece!

Next is my wallet. I found this one at Charming Charlie’s! I had been using a Michael Kors wristlet for as long as I could remember, but it was just too small. This wallet was  inexpensive and I love it’s slightly metallic color! It fits all my cards and what not wonderfully! And since it is a neutral, it matches almost every bag!

Now into the good stuff! I should really carry a makeup bag, but sometimes all my little things just get thrown in!

I always like to keep on hand some hand cream (especially in the winter!!!), a mirror, some perfume, a nude lipstick, some hand sanitizer, lip balm, and a comb incase my hair needs a little teasing! These products I have in my purse are the owns I’m currently loving! But if we are being honest, they change frequently!!

For some strange reason I always seem to have a watch in my purse! I think this is because I’ve always been a huge watch girl, and sometimes you just want to take all your jewelry off and throw it in your bag!

This is by far my most loved watch! I wear this things almost everyday!

Next is my sunglasses case. It wasn’t till this year I actually started using a sunglasses case… I know, that’s so bad of me! I just thought they were bulky and took up too much space. But it seemed like all my sunglasses were getting bent and scratched. I found this adorable one at Target for only $7! I couldn’t help but buy it! And I have to say, I haven’t broken a pair of sunnies since I purchased it (:

Next is my idea journal. I’m a very visual person, so writing down my goals, ideas, and what not really helps me! I found this adorable journal at Target for $1!! Can’t beat that! And of course, I had to add a monogram using some glitter stickers I picked up at Michaels Craft Store.

Lastly is my planner! And if any of you have been following me for a while you know I am a planner junkie!

I really don’t think I could function without this thing! It keeps on top of what needs to be done and on schedule! If you would like to see my review and ani depth tour of how I use and organize my planner, check out my first blog post and my in depth tour blog post!

I hope you guys enjoyed a little deeper view into what is in my bag!

Until next time,


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