What’s In My Pool Bag

Summer is officially here and that means its time to head to the pool! Swimming has always been one of my favorite activities. Laying on a float, soaking up the sun, drinking peach tea, and reading a good book are the key ingredients to the perfect pool day! Since I had such a fun time showing you all what I kept in by bag, I thought I would do an updated version for summer!

First off my pool bag

This bag is from an Etsy shop named “The Chevron Owl.”  It is huge, it holds all my lotions, cover ups and towels! It also has a zipper at the top which I love! It makes the bag more secure and prevents things from falling out.

Next up in my bag is my beach towel.  It is hot pink and huge! I got it at Target at the Lilly for Target event.

Of course I also have to bring some sunscreen.  I am extremely fair complected, so sun screen is a must! Recently I started using Sun Bum.  Its vegan, dermatologist tested, and has a great consistency.  It feels more like lotion, than a thick sun screen.  I also like to keep a tanning oil with me.  Even though I don’t tan well, I try everything I can to get a summer glow. My favorite is the Banana Boat SPF 15 tanning oil. I also always keep my Yeti with me. It’s perfect for pool days! I leave it by the pool all day in the heat, and my drink is still ice cold! I also always keep some sunglasses and my Lilly Pulitzer krockies. And lastly I always have a hat! No matter how much sun screen I put on, I sill get burnt! So a hat is essential for me. This hat is from the Fraternity collection.

I hope you all enjoyed sneaking a peak into my pool bag! I hope your summers are filled with days spent laying poolside!

Until next tile



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