Top 15 of 2015

Technically it is now 2016 ( yahoo! ) but I thought now, during the first hours of 2016 was a good time to reflect of my favorite items of 2015. It was a hard decision rounding them all up, but I think I have a pretty good group!


I was gifted the naked 3 pallet last year for Christmas and I have been in love with it since. The shadows are pigmented, there are mattes and shimmery ones, and most of them are super wearable shades. I’m even wearing some of them tonight!


My curling wand has been my go to hair tool for 2015. I have just been loving curls! I bought this curling wand out of the blue at Target one day and I was immediately hooked.


I feel like 2015 was the year of dry shampoo. Being a high school senior, dry shampoo has become a life saver. I have tried numerous different kinds, and I always seem to come back to Batiste. The scents, the texture, and the power of this dry shampoo is just amazing! If you haven’t found a dry shampoo you love, I highly suggest picking this one up!


Gel nails have been a life saver. I chip nail polish like its my job! Gel polish doesn’t damage my nails, is chip proof, and usually lasts 2 weeks. And it always looks flawless and shinny, which, who doesn’t want that!?


Ridding boots have been a huge fashion must have for me. From the first day of fall to the last day of winter, riding boots are usually what’s on my feet! Naturalizer has been my favorite brand of boots for the last few years. They are even filled with fur!


Next up is arm candy. This trend has been a love of mine for years, but I feel like 2015 was the year I really kicked it up a notch. Alex and ani, micheal kors, and Gliks are just a few of my favorite places and brands where I buy my bracelets. My outfits no longer feel complete without a wrist full of jewelry!


Planning! Keeping a detailed planner has been something I’ve done for almost 4 years now. Each year I dig deeper into the world of planning. This year was no exception! I repurchased the iconic Lilly Pulitzer planner and I honestly don’t know what I would do without it! It has helped me be a much more organized and efficient person!


Jack roger sandals were something I had heard about for years. I had tried them on in stores a couple times and never thought they were all that comfortable. Last spring I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a pair. It took about a week, but once I broke them in, they were one of the most comfortable sandals I had ever bought. I wore them day and night, they matched practically everything in my wardrobe! There is no doubt in my mind that I will be buying another pair this upcoming Spring.


Last Christmas was when I really started getting into monograms. Monogram stickers for my planner, car and phone case. Monogram jackets, hats, and necklaces. I went monogram crazy this year. I feel like it is one of the cutest ways to personalize your stuff!


“Southern” or “preppy” tee shirts have been one of my guilty pleasures. They are comfortable and easy to throw together, but I feel like they look a little bit more put together than a regular tee shirt. Simply southern, southern shirt company, and Jayden and Brooke are some of my favorite “southern” shirt brands!


The Lilly Pulitzer brand for Target was also a huge favorite this year. While I don’t really wear it during the winter, it dominated the summer. The dresses, the shorts, the shirts, and even the accessories filled my summer wardrobe. I can’t wait to pull these items out when spring comes around!


Piko tops are more of a recent find but I felt that they were too important to leave out. These shirts have to be the softest shirts I have ever felt. I saw them for the first time in Gliks and I was hooked. I bought them in all the neutral colors I could find. They are amazing for layering under vests and sweaters, throwing a scarf over, or even a big statement necklace. Piko shirts are an item that I’m sure I will be rocking in 2016.


Vests are next up on the list! Fall and winter are the times I wear vests the most. I feel like they are flattering on all body types, and add a little class to any outfit. My favorite place to buy vests are Gliks and Macy’s.


One of my more odd favorites has been crafting. While I’m not very artistic, I have found that crafting is a great creative outlet. And it is also a fun and relaxing activity to do on a girls night!


As cliché as it is, my last favorite is instagram. The friends, memories, and opportunities I have gained because of Instagram is more than I ever imagined. I am excited for another great year of Instagram!

I hope you enjoyed looking back on 2015 with me. I would love to hear what your favorite items of 2015 were. I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year. Here is to 2016!!

Until next time,



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