Girls Night Out: Outfit Of The Day

Valentine’s Day has come and I wanted to show you the casual, yet festive outfit I picked out for a girls night out! My two best friends and I went out for dinner and a movie. Who said that you couldn’t have fun on Valentine’s Day just because you are single!

Heart Sweater: Forever 21

Red Vest: Kohls

Jeans: Buckle

Riding boots: Dillard’s

I wanted to add a cute girly feel to this outfit. This bow from Forever 21 was the perfect touch!

Here is a closer view of my monogram necklace! Probably one of my favorite pieces of jewlerey! I wear it with just about everything. It’s from Etsy.

And obviously I topped this look off with a fun red lip!

I hope you enjoyed my quick and festive Valentine’s Day  outfit of the day! I hope everyone has a safe and blessed Valentine’s Day!

Until Next Time


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