Easy and Inexpensive Dorm Room Decor

Hey ya’ll! Welcome back! Today I wanted to show you all how I have decorated my dorm room! A few disclaimers, my dorm room is small, and definitely not the most decorated! I just added a few touches to make it feel a bit more homey! I hope you all enjoy and maybe get some inspiration as well!

First things first, the theme of my room was obviously pink…. hello! I’m pinky and the prep! But I figured I should add another color so it is not a pink overload! I picked grey and pink! Since the biggest “decoration” in a room is the bedding I started with a pink comforter from Macy’s. I added some gray and white chevron pillows and a throw blanket to seal the the deal! I also added some pink “garlandish” decoration to the top of my bed to add some fun! I found this garland at Target for only $1!  I also bought this super comfortable circle chair at Target.  It is amazing for lounging around and working on homework!

The next area I had to tackle was my closet.  At my dorm, our closets look like holes in the wall! I knew I had to cover that up, and a shower curtain fit perfectly! I went with a gray damask print to add some dimension to the room! I bought the curtain off of amazon for only $15.  On my side of the closet I also hung up my initials.  I got these gold metals letters from Michael’s for around $8 a piece!

If you read my “life update/ Instagram round up” you might of already seen a sneak peak into what my desk looks like. To maximize my  storage I just added some pink and blue desk organizers from the dollar section at target! I bought two of the double drawer sets to store my makeup, and two of the upright paper organizers for pallets, pencils, and my brushes!! I also added this super cute 2016 frame from Francesca’s that I found on clearance!

Before moving into college, I watched a lot of “dorm room tours” on YouTube.  Something almost all the videos had in common was Christmas lights! I found mine at Walmart for $3! They fit perfectly over my window.  I also used clothes pins to pin pictures from the lights. I love the way it turned out! And I am reminded of some great memories and friends every time I look up at the pictures!

The final “decor” in my dorm room is my wannabe gallery wall! I just added some artwork my friends made for me, a sign from Francesca, and a dry erase calendar from the target dollar section!

I hope you all enjoyed taking a look into my dorm room. Even though it is not extravagant, and not everything matches, Its home for the next 8ish months!! Thank you all for joining me!

Until Next Time


Pinky and the Prep

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