Back to School Fall Lookbook

Happy back to school time everyone! Even though it is still in the high 80s where I am, I am still craving some fall weather.  Fall weather also means fall fashion! I don’t know about ya’ll, but I LOVE fall fashion! Scarfs, sweaters, boots, and vests! I put together a small fall look book of some simple and  cute outfits that I will definitely be rocking on campus this year!

This first outfit is one of my very favorites! It’s so simple, and so comfortable! I started this outfit off  with one of my staple fall pieces, a v-neck tee shirt! This one is from Rue 21 and is so soft! It was on sale for only $12! I also picked it up in maroon and blue! Thrown over is just a lightweight heather gray sweater! This sweater is amazing. It is light enough to wear when it is still warm, and is perfect for bringing to class! Some of my classes are hot as can be, and some are freezing! This sweater is perfect for throwing over any outfit! Paired with this look is one of my new favorite pairs of jeans! They are just simple distressed skinny jeans also from Rue 21! ( Lots of my pieces are from Rue 21, because I hadn’t shopped there  in forever and found some amazing affordable pieces!!) To finish this look off I threw on a comfortable pair of chunky black booties that I purchased at Macy’s, my beloved white Kendra Scott necklace, and put my hair up into an effortless pony tail.

Outfit #2 is just as comfortable and easy as outfit #1!  I paired the same Rue 21 jeans with a quarter zip  three quarter length sleeve hoodie by Tommy Hilfiger. This hoodie is great because it’s lightweight and perfect for the beginning of the fall season! It’s also a little more dressy than your average hoodie! To finish this look off I paired it with the same booties from Macy’s in a camel color.

Outfit #3 is great for a chillier day! I again started with my current favorite pair of jeans from Rue 21 (seriously, these jeans are amazing!) I paired those jeans with a chunky three quarter length sleeve sweater from Tommy Hilfiger.  I love the ombreish feel that this sweater has! I paired this outfit with the same camel colored Macy’s booties, and finished it off with my Kendra Scott necklace!

My last outfit is probably the warmest and dressiest outfit of them all! And one of my favorites! I started with this awesome plaid button down shirt that I found at Rue 21 on clearance for $9.99! I  could not pass it up! I paired it with one of my favorite go to vest from last season found at Macy’s. Once again I paired this look with my killer Rue 21 skinny jeans and some chunky healed booties from Macy’s.  And I finished off the look with my white Kendra Scott necklace.

I hope you all enjoyed taking a peak into my fall closet! I also hoped you all got some inspiration for your fall wardrobes! Thank you all for joining me today!

Until next time

Pinky and the Prep


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