Baby it’s Cold Outside: Outfit Of The Day

Christmas is over, and the heart of winter is fast approaching. Where I am at, January and Febuary are packed full of snow days; and today (thankfully!) we got one! I wanted to share a few of my favorite ways to bundle up and stay warm on a snow day 😊

First off, you must dress properly. Scarfs.. Boot socks.. Leggings… Shall I say more!? All of those things construct the perfect snow day outfit. It’s simple, yet pulled together and comfy but still makes you look like you put effort into your appearance!

I love throwing on my favorite coat, a chunky scarf, my trusty ridding boots and boot socks. This outfit keeps me so warm, and how cute is it?

Under my jacket I usually throw on an oversized spirit jersey, this one is from Southern Shirt Company. It’s slouchy and comfy and pairs perfectly with the scarf and leggings!

And the back is super cute, lets be honest!

Finally, a warm cup of coffee is all you need! (If the roads aren’t too bad) I love stopping by Starbucks, go figure!

There is nothing better than a warm cup of coffee on a cold cold day (:

I hope you all enjoy this post and that all your snow days are filled with adventures and lots of keeping warm!

Until next time


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