August Favorites

Hey ya’ll! Thanks for joining me today.  Am I the only one who can not believe that August is over! Holy cow it has just flown by! I am slightly happy August is almost over because that means fall is coming!!! One of my very favorite seasons! Anyways, a lot has happened to me in August.  If you haven’t read my “life update” blog post then you might not know that I moved into college this month.  Most of my favorites are centered around what has been the most helpful at school.

My first favorite is obviously my Lilly Pulitzer agenda.  Seriously, this thing is a life savor. It doesn’t matter what brand it is, every one needs a planner! I prefer the Lilly agenda because of the gorgeous prints and fun colors!  I purchased mine in the jumbo size because I love to write everything down!

My next favorites are college must haves for me! The first is room spray.  I learned that this is a necessity early in college! Whenever someone on your floor orders food, the whole floor can smell it! I love to keep this on hand just to keep things smelling fresh! They is the watermelon lemonade scent from Bath and Body works! It smells amazing! Speaking of great smelling things, my next favorite is the Pure Seduction Body Mist from Victoria’s Secret.  This scent has been my all time favorite VS scent for years.  I stocked up on a couple bottles of this at the semi annual sale specifically to bring to college.  This is a great scent to quickly spray on before you head out the door and you are ready to go!

My next favorite is makeup related. I know a lot of women don’t wear makeup to class…and trust me, some days I am just not feeling it! But for the most part, I am a makeup junky, and just enjoy the process of putting it on! It is one of my favorite parts of my morning routine. One thing I learned quickly when I moved to Kansas was that the humidity is no joke!! I had to find a makeup combination that could withstand sweat, humidity, and the random rainstorms! This Too Faced Pore less primer is a long time favorite.  I like almost any primer that is silicone based.  This foundation on the other hand is a recent favorite.  I have  very oily skin, even in the winter, so I am always on the hunt for a good mattifying foundation.  This L’Oreal Infallible 24 Hour foundation has done nothing but impress! The coverage is great, it is lightweight, and keeps me matte throughout the day! Since I have oily skin, setting my foundation with a powder is crucial. This Air spun powder is also a long time favorite! It is the perfect powder for baking! And it is also in a huge container, so this thing lasts me forever!

My next favorite might come as no surprise to some of you! Matte Liquid Lipsticks!!!  Too Faced and NYX are just a few of the brands that I love for a good Matte Lippie! I feel like every brand is coming out with their own version of the Matte Lipsticks. These are perfect for day or night, and last forever!

At the end of the day, there is nothing better that a relaxing face mask.  I have been really in to sheet masks recently.  They are a lot simpler and easier to apply while in the dorms.  These are just a few that I picked up at Urban Outfitters recently. I hadn’t shopped there in a while and was surprised by the amount of beauty products they had!  The sheet masks were 4 for $10!

My next favorite is my Swell bottle.  This thing is perfect for bringing to class.  I fill it with ice water in the morning, and it is still cold by the time I get home.  It is also spill proof so I can just throw it in my backpack!

My last favorite is my Beats headphones.  I’ve had them for a while, but never really wore them outside of the house.  Some of my classes are a long walk away, so these headphones make the walk go by a lot faster.  They also block out all of the sound, no joke!

Thank you all for joining me today to take a look at my August favorites! I hope you all had a fantastic August, and I hope that your start to September is even better!

Until Next Time

Pinky and the Prep


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